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Who we are

Studio Kehator is a creative digital agency specialized in web design, graphic design and internet marketing. Every member of Studio Kehator family has at least several years of experience which allowed us to create something fresh, clean and beautiful. Every project is a very serious challenge for us and we always taking care of every little details. You can always count on us and our help, even when we will finish the project. We prefere to stay in a long and good relationship with our customers and helping them whenever they need us.

What we do

We are choosing the modern and fresh solution to create our websites, brands or marketing campaigns. World is changing constantly and we cannot stay behind therefore we are following the latest world trends to be always on top. Our mission is to create a strong and long term relationship with our customers, we want to cooperate and help eachother. Choosing Studio Kehator, you are choosing quality and trust. With us, you can be sure that you are not just buying another product, but you're investing in your business in probably best possible way.

What drives us

What motivates us to do such great work? What values are important to us?


At Studio Kehator we're doing our work with passion, we love to do what we do. Our work is our hobby, desire, needs. We are not slaves of our work, because what we do is set us free!


We treasure all kind of creativity, always. Whether you need a fresh, beautiful brand, a successful campaign or something a little out of the ordinary, our creative team will work their magic.


Quality over quantity is the must. Our products and services are the highest quality like our customer service. There is no place for mistakes, every little problem has to be solved.

Ready for something fresh clean and beautiful?

We’d love to show you what we can do. It all starts with a great idea…

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